My Work ~ For Sale Pieces 

I love what I do. Being a furniture artist has allowed me to work out side of the box on mediums that would never have a second chance at survival. Some of the pieces I find are slated for the recycle bin to be turned into fuel or scrape. I take the pieces I find re-strengthen them and turn them in to another art form to live once again as a valued treasure. I hope you find these pieces as beautiful as I do .

sunflower dresser.jpg


Sunflower Dreams 

This small dresser was headed to the recycle bin. I believe it was possibly turn of the century Childs dresser. It did need a lot of repair. But that only adds to the charm of the of the piece. It was an honor and a pleasure to repair and create this one of a kind dresser into a loved and cherished treasure for everyone in its new home to enjoy. ~ SOLD~


A day of sun and wine

This is a hall tree painted in Vintage duck egg by Dixie Belle , The transfer is by Re-Design by prime and translates as " a day with out sun is like a day without wine".  $425.00   


hall tree.jpg


Sunflower Fields

This beautiful piece is done in Dixie Belle Silk Paint and IOD transfer of "Painterly Florals" sunflowers. One of my favs. ~ $245.00  ~~SOLD~~


All The Horses

This project is a solid maple desk painted in Dixie Belle Chocolate and topped off with a decoupage paper of horses . So western feeling and a new life for a desk that had no future. ~265.00


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